Empowerment will come

With all the distractions happening in people’s life’s they have been focusing on the distractions they have forgotten that they are only send to keep you off course.  Because you know that course has been set and there will be no postponements.  The chartered course in uncharted purpose has become conqueror by you.  Conquest in this time of distractions.

Diversions is the next things that are about to happen but remember my child the chartered course to which I have set for your life, ministry is about to take place.

My word will no longer be postponed by will be done so my divine will, purpose and plan will be fulfilled.

My people are entering in a time of rest from the distractions and diversion into my rest.  My rest is restoration from all that has been taken from them.  Empowerment will come upon them to know that they are more than conquerors.  My rest is allowing my Holy Spirit to teach, guide and instruct them in the way they will go.  Trusting I the Lord is needed in my rest.

The reason there are so many distractions and diversions is because my people do not understand the art of trusting I the Lord totally.  Obedience patience, and waiting are the key components to being in my rest.

My people that has humble themselves is about to get a breakthrough in their walk with me.  It will not be done because of their abilities but because I did it.

I am their healer, deliver, lawyer, fortress, strength, shield and bucker, a very present  help in every situation, circumstances and problem.

Selah Moment with the Lord
Dr. Althea Winifred


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