Changing of the Guards

Thus said the Lord…8:01 pm – 5/7/16

Globalization is vital in this season. It is time to think outside your mindset and think like Christ. It is time to be prepare to go global to those who are called to go.

Because we are in the season of changing of the guards we now in the place of being repositioned, redirected, replaced and relocated.  You will find that your ministries will be changing it education, instructions, procedures and directions. 

Changing of the Guards is real and not to be taken lightly.  You must be ready to move into place when called.  You cannot allow your feelings, family, foes to keep you back in this time where I the Lord God is positioning you.

“Assignments in this season will become short because I the Lord am doing a quick work and cutting it short in righteousness.

All positions are needed in this season.  As the all members are now fitting together so are all the areas of your life will now come together. 

You may not understand but is NOW you are being Fitted Together as a one.  My spirit will be moving, hovering, soaring in and over your life and all that concerns you.  You will wake up a changed person. You will awake from your sleep rejuvenated and refresh because you are in your new place and in position due to the changing of the guards” says the Lord. 

The changing of the guards is being in position not being at a post. 

When you are in position you are ready to be used.  When you are in a post you are just there doing time.

There is an urgency while writing this.  Some of you will miss this if you are not focused on the Lord.  I hear the Lord saying “tell them to be ready in this season. This is the season of alignment, readiness, willingness and moving forward for and with the Father.  Thing around you will become More aware, More enlightening and More edifying.

June will be a pivot month due to the fact that it is the last month of the first half of 2016.  Everything that you do in the first half must be done in June.  Plans for the second half of the year will become more real in June.”  June the 6th, 15 and 24, 2016 will be very significant days for the Body of Christ with the spiritual and natural realms. On these days you will have succeed the sinfulness of sin of deception, dullness, disappointment, discouragement, dejection, despair, and demoralization of Satan.  Storms will be happening in places, hurricanes are coming. 

Notice what is happening in your Nations will help you to understand why things are happen says the Lord.  I will protect me people from the destruction of Satan.  8:41 pm


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