The Peace of God

​Good morning, as you prepare for your day the Lord said “I have made the crook places straight and you are about to have an experience with me. 

Maintain my peace in the midst of it because you are being watch.  Remember, I am the God of Peace and you know Me.  

You are my calm in the midst of their storm.  Every time you show up is a day that you share my peace, my joy, my love to people I am drawing unto myself. 

Embrace today knowing that I am with you as I was with Joseph.  
Embark on this journey called today and rejoice and be glad for I made it with you on my mind in the beginning.”

Selah Moment


Service Date

​Ministries of Substance International next Service is on Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 5:30 pm at 35 Dundonald Street (the corner of Dundonald and Court Streets.)  

All are welcome!  

The place Where God’s agenda Reigns Every time!