The Problem is Within….

​I have been in a quiet place this last month.  Watching things unfolded.  My heart breaks for healing in United States of American, Bermuda and the World.  

A few years ago God said “the problem is within”.  

If a person was coming to bomb, nations would bomb them out of the sky.  If a person wanted to destroyed a nation by sea that nation would destroy them.  

The problem within is persons who has been born, feed, raised, been school within that nation, been educated, gone to churches, confessed that they serve a god.  They agree with what is wrong and disagree with what is right.

The problem within is not black, it is not white, it is not from the outside.  The problem can be announced in one word.  Yes, one word “HATE”.  

Hatred is in the world, in churches, in peoples hearts, continuous on peoples mind.  

This is not a new problem just an old problem that has been birth through another generation.  This generation hatred has the past generation combined with their own so you are now seeing double hatred, double murder, and double malice.  

God is love and this generation does not want God. They only have the opposite to love which is HATE.  

What do they show, how do they act, when do you see it when there is Peace.  Who has peace, God!  

They reject God and they only have hate, murder, and malice in their hearts, on their minds, and through their actions. 

Admitted it people, healing may come in your heart, in your mind and through your actions which will affect your homes, your communities, your churches, your schools, your cities, and your countries.

Therefore, the problem is within and it is called HATE.

Selah Moment with Prophetess Althea Winifred!


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