It is called HATRED

The problem is not black on black or black on white. The problem is not police, broken homes, single mothers. The problem is Bermudian killing Bermudian and this problem is called “HATRED”.
This generation does not want God who is LOVE and therefore they have no GOD within them and there is no LOVE. There is no regard for life; no concerned for their brother, sister, neighbors, family, friends or enemies. No respect for authority. They are doing what is right in their own eyes. Because of this there is “HATRED” and it produces murder. The problem is they have replaced God.

In the last 84 months or the last 10 years it has been Bermudian killing Bermudians. Bermudians do not want to admit that this generation HATES their fellow Bermudian.

“HATRED” is not addressed, talked about, preached or even discussed. If we can address this problem called HATRED, people to admit they have it. Stop being offended over everything. Stop bulling and start dealing with their anger issues that are within. 

Repent of their wrong doings there will be healing within the Nation of Bermuda. We need to established God in our hearts.

It is not a Bermuda problem but global.  

The Word says “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”  

The one thing we know is that the enemy has come in like a flood. Please notice the comma.  

We also know that the Spirit of the Lord is lifting a standard and we are called as part of His standards.  
If we do not stand for righteous how will we win them. How do we prepare a people into the Lord.  

The word standard means “those morals, ethics, habits, etc., established by authority, custom, or an individual as acceptable” by God. It is God’s morals, ethics, habits, established by His authority, His custom about His original intent.


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