5777 is the year of completion, wholeness, blessing, and rest. 

11:11 am – 1:11 pm = 7.

Please notice the number of 1’s.

5777 is the year of completion, wholeness, blessing, and rest. 
2017 is the year of expect victory in all things and all areas of your life.

Year of 5777 – 5=favor, grace and mercy and 7=completion, wholeness, blessing, and rest. 

5777 the Year of Completion, Wholeness, Blessing and Rest with Favor with abundance of reigning of open doors.  

You shall reign in your rightful place. Taking authority over areas in the past that you have been defeated in. Favor shall be your portion that will be overtaking you in all you do.  

You will have my seven spirit resting on you which are “1) the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, 2) the spirit of wisdom and 3) understanding, 4) the spirit of counsel and 5) might, 6) the spirit of knowledge and of 7) the fear of the Lord;” Isaiah‬ ‭11:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Doors that was shut before will now open for you there will be no time to wonder which door but all doors will open. As I open all doors in prison for Paul and Silas so I will open all doors for you that will happen immediately and suddenly.

Favor will be coming and overshadowing you as you have abided under the shadow of my wing. Under the shadow of my wing there is favor, protection, shade, and you have my grace, and mercy that hoover over you.  

My Holy Spirit which is my presence has utter prayers for you during the past season that will cause you to operate, maintain and sustain Him.  

You are Complete Whole, Blessed because you have stood still and seen my salvation which has now come upon you.  

You have been rescued from the snares of the enemy. You have been released to fulfill my destiny for your life. You have been renewed, restored and made refreshed by my Spirit with fresh oil that has not been used before.  

You will know my word with passion, do my work with conviction, have My wisdom with understand and discernment, as My Will, will be done by you for I the Lord.  

My way will be your guiding path to all that you will be needed. You will see and perform great exploits for I the Lord.  

In the past, your soul has been damaged, split, cracked, hurt, broken and rejected. These sifting of your soul has now caused you to become complete, whole and healed.  

During your sifting, I the Lord has removed all that is not needed in your journey and quest I am taking you on to do My will.  

You have My power of attorney to speak, operate, call forth in this next season. This gives you all rights, all authority, all dominion and all heaven and my word backing you.

I have given you keys of the kingdom and keys to unlock the hearts of men and women and children so they will see Me in all fullness and all glory with majestic and royalty and power.

My peace has been settled, strengthen, established and My Spirit will be there in all perfect storms that the winds and waters of life may come your way. Why, because you know Me the God of Peace and have my Peace of God that pass all understanding.

Rejoice in this new quest of completeness, wholeness, rest and blessings. 

Thus said the Lord!  Selah Moment with Prophetess Dr. Althea Winifred 

1:11 pm