Proverbs Challenge 

Starting today, I would like to challenge each of you to join me in reading a proverb a day. The book of Proverbs interesting facts about Proverbs (KJV) are as follows:
MEANING: “Comparison, Similar, Parallel.”

AUTHOR: The principle author is Solomon.

• Agur wrote chapter 30.

• Lemuel Wrote chapter 31 about the worthy woman.


• Solomon’s proverbs were written by 931 B.C.

• The proverbs in chapters 25-29 were collected by Hezekiah about 230 years later. Hezekiah reigned from 715 B.C. to 686 B.C.


• 20th Book in the Bible

• 20th Book in the Old Testament

• 3rd of 5 Poetical books (Job – Song of Solomon)

• 46 Books to follow it.



WORDS: 15,043


Concerning the proverbs of Solomon:

• According to 1 Kings 4:32, Solomon spoke: – 3,000 proverbs. – 1,005 songs.

• Only about 800 of Solomon’s proverbs are included in this

Book of Proverbs.

• Therefore, 2,300 of his proverbs are not contained in the Book of Proverbs. There is no Biblical information about Agur or Lemuel. Solomon’s great wisdom was well known during his day.

• In 1 Kings 3:9-12, Solomon asked for wisdom and it was granted.

• 1 Kings 10:24 – “Now all the earth sought the presence of Solomon to hear his wisdom which God had put in his heart.”

The key word in Proverbs is “wisdom,” meaning “the ability to live skillfully.”

• “Wisdom” means skill.

• “Instruction” means discipline.

Proverbs provides detailed instructions for His people to deal successfully with the practical affairs of everyday life.

• How to relate to God.

• How to relate to neighbors.

• How to relate to parents.

• How to relate to government.

• How to relate to children.

The Book of Proverbs is designed to:

• Prevent ungodly life-styles.

• Remedy ungodly life-styles.

Included in Proverbs is instruction regarding:

• Wisdom and folly

• Righteousness and wickedness

• The tongue and speech

• Pride and humility

• Justice and vengeance

• The family

• Laziness and work

• Poverty and wealth

• Friends and neighbors

• Love and lust

• Anger and strife

• Masters and servants

• Life and death

• Drunkenness

Proverbs 31 includes an acrostic of 22 verses (the first letter of each follows the complete Hebrew alphabet) portraying the virtuous woman.

How this “Proverbs Challenge” will work:

• The Book of Proverbs is an anthology of collections of words of wisdom as well as instructions. King Solomon is widely credited as the principal author of this book. This book simply teaches us on how to live a happy and peaceful life centered on God.

• The example about Proverbs is that today is the 28th day of December so you read the 28th Chapter. Tomorrow is the 29th so you read the 29th Chapter of Proverbs and so on. 

• The purpose is to read Proverbs and gain a wisdom through a verse or phase each day. Within a month, you will be in the word daily by reading, quoting, meditating and studied the word.  

• This is something I have not done this in years so I will be starting in reading on the 28th which is today and will start on the 28th chapter. Just completed the 28th Chapter of Proverbs. The key portion today was verse 27 which states “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack… Why this scripture because so many people have given to the poor this holiday season and my prayer is that these people will not lack within 2016 and beyond. I also believe that is not only natural but spiritual as well. I believe as we give out the word of God daily we will not lack.

• Therefore, join me in this “Proverbs Challenge” and let us read it daily together.


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