2017 Year of Walking in Victory in all areas of your life

2017 year of seeing the manifestation of the Lord’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven.  

Embrace because your faith will always take you will your fears will not. You will know that only God did it for you. You will have wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment to deal with every situation you seek the Lord first.

This year will a breakthrough and a lot of record breaking news. 

Your relationship with the Lord will be tried and tested but remember He has allowed it to reveal your heart and soul towards the Lord.
Your trust must be grounded in the Word of God because what will be shaken will be shaken. 

The Shekinah glory of the Lord will be seen more and more.  

Major Nations changes and will seen like that Nation has gone back in time but get ready for the Lord to spring forth in a new thing that will come out of your wilderness and desert experiences.

Your rejection has been sent to redirect you to the path God has for you.  

In spring there will be a newest in ones life. Winter will be very cold but the presence of the Lord will ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Many prayer languages will change in this new season.  

The blessings for the Lord will come forth.

There will be a number of train and plane crashes due to men errors. Traffic will increase and number of deaths will increase.

An assassination will happen to a leader of a Nation.  

There will be a mourning coming to the Nation of United Kingdom.  

There is another terrorist group that will come forth and will make all others seen right.

There is coming an economic and financial crash coming.

Families will have to stand together. The body of Christ will be strengthen to be the bride I the Lord had designed her to be.  

Many souls will be won due the many calamities that will take place.

Money will be coming to my people but they need to be taught to manage it if not they will become poor worst than they are now. I will give my people wisdom to manage this.

<><><><><>12/11/16 – 2017 Year of the Manifestation of the Word – Walking in Victory in all areas of your life in 2017 and beyond. ‬

20 means Expectations 

17 means Victory

2+0+1+7 = 10 means Divine Order

Therefore, walking in Divine Order knowing that your Expectations is from the Lord because daily you walk in Victory having the manifestation of word. Why, because your steps are ordered by the Lord.


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