Tomorrow never comes 

You asked me about happens tomorrow?

Cannot tell you about tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. It is always turns into today. Plus we are not promised tomorrow.  Knowing this wealth of knowledge I will not and cannot tell you about tomorrow.
We had yesterday and we have today therefore, our focus should always be on today.  
Today is a present 🎁 a gift with His presence engulfed it.  
Are you unwrapping your today which has His presence? Or you bypassing today and looking for tomorrow? No matter is happening in your day or you find that circumstances and situations is making it overwhelming take this time to know this. That in His presence there is fullness of joy and at his right hand there is mercy and goodness and pleasures forever more.
Only you can change this moment in time which is in your today. Cause this minute to become your moment that starts your momentum in today.


One thought on “Tomorrow never comes 

  1. I am so excited about TODAY…I am so excited about Dawn La Fleur TODAY!!! I used that word momentum last night…Thanks for Sharing!!! The reward is yours Althea be encouraged, you are a blessed and highly favoured WOG!!! Substance is yours….


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