The Fighting Viewpoint

We are not fighting for victory viewpoint or position but we are fighting from victory position or post.There is two places here. One is fighting *for* victory and second is fighting *from* victory.

When you are fighting for victory you are in a position of wondering whether or not you will win. Your total thinking is on the fight. The next move of the opposition; their strategy; their defense and their offense. You become weary in well doing.  

But when you stand in the position that the fight is already won, your attitude is different. Your mindset is secure.

You know that outcome because you have won. You stand with confidence. You don’t fight because it is always won. Your courage causes you to stand still. Your contact with the Father causes you to see the salvation of the Lord. 

Your character makes you stand out. The fight from a winning position causes you not to compromise or forfeit your circumstances.


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