You Got this Day Covered!

Have a delightful day and a wonderful weekend because this is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Joint afford!

This day is load with benefits from the Lord. The word “benefit” means favor, assets, blessings and gain. Therefore, every moment has favor, assets, blessings and causes gain for you to possess.  

So enjoy it, be encouraged and empowered, become equipped and skillful in each minute to gain momentum for the next hour.  

You are the apple of His eye. Did you know that your hair is numbered by the Lord! Also that your name is engraved on His hand. By the way, you can call on Him and he will answer you with things you don’t know as yet!  

You just got to believe, trust and obey His still small voice within because his plans for you are good and not evil to give a future and a hope.  
As you go through your day remember He’s got this day because He made it and you where on his mind.  

M.A.D.E means to me that you will be Making A Difference Everywhere! Since He Made it you just have to make a difference. Doing things the same and getting the same results is insanity. So take today to made a difference because God made the day and you are like him and created in his image and likeness.  

We have the same DNA from the same race, the same creativity and you have His spirit, breath, etc.  

You got this day covered! Stay focus!

Selah Moment!


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