March Forward

“March Forward” into a new hour, new day, new month and new quarter of this year is an advancement and movement.

This advancement has produced your development to step by faith with direction and instruction. 

This movement called “March Forward” is producing a synchronization with heaven that has given you organization, harmonization and coordination of strategies that will allow you to execute the plans and fulfill the purposes of God.  This “March Forward” approach places you in a new position and post with achievement, accomplishment and triumph.

Therefore, “March Forward” will allow you to do His Will, His Way by functioning with His Wisdom.

From Chuck Pierce says “The Hebraic month of Nissan is the first of the twelve months in the Jewish calendar. This is the month linked with the tribe of Judah – the apostolic leadership, warring tribe, who knew how to operate with sound. This is key time to PRAISE! Remember Judah goes first! This is also the time of spring when kings go out to war (2 Sam. 10:1).

Nissan is the month of Passover, and the entire month is a prolonged festival. It’s the month of redemption, the month of the beginning of miracles, and the month that sets the course for your future.

Nissan is associated with the Hebrew letter HEI which signifies violent praise. To the Jews, the letter HEI pictured the wind blowing through a lattice over a window. Prophetically this signifies a window with the wind of God blowing down into you every year. The Spirit of God needs to blow on you during this month.

Nissan is a time to put your best foot forward, just as Israel did when they headed out of Egypt toward the Promised Land. So step forth in strength and consider where the Lord is leading you in the coming year.”

Selah Moment with Prophetess Dr. Althea Winifred


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