God Changes Not!

God Changes Not!
Malachi 3:6 says “For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore, ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”
He is not moved by time or this atmosphere. Yet we find ourselves continuously changing. We change our clothes, our addresses, our location, our jobs, what we eat, etc. Everything about us changes every hour, minute or daily. Because God changes not and we are forever changing.
Why are we changing? What is the purpose for us to change? Why does God allow us to change and he changes not? God wants us to become unmovable, unchanging, unbendable, unwavering, unaffected or unbothered about things or people in our lives but to be engulfed, immersed, surrounded, consumed by and in Him.
Staying stable, settle, secure, firm, sure and constant in every situation, crisis and circumstances because He has spoken in 1 Peter 5:7 – Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you knowing that God will do it to get the glory.


Your Observation 

Your observation of the world and their lack of need for Jesus Christ the word of God. That is why you or we have come into the kingdom for such a time as this. 

Just want to empower, equip and encourage you and everyone today. 

There are 13 different types of people of Faith therefore, I will only talk about three:First type of people is living *by Faith*. They know that God has a set time for that their family, friends and foes will be saved because they are living an example life of Jesus who is the word of God.  

Second type of people is living *through faith* which means they are going through something and their faith is the one thing that is sustain them, because of their through faith people see the manifestation of Jesus who is the word of God.  

Third type of people are them that died *in Faith*. These people that has gone on to be with the Lord prayed for you knowing that if you or me did not accept Christ in their lifetime that their prayers will be answered. Yes, we are answered prayers to your loves who are not here anymore. Or them that are still here that believed, trusted and showed you love and you are now in the kingdom.  

As you know, walk and live the word of God so people will be drawn to the lighthouse you have become in your cities, parishes, communities, but most of all in your home.  

We have the light of the word within us shining at all times. Through love and kindness have I drawn them the word says. We are that love. We are His love. Holy Spirit does the drawing. Jesus is the light. We are His manifestation.

So how do we operate and win souls for the Lord:

1). Set aside 15 minutes each day to *pray* for your love ones, your cities, parishes, communities.  

2). *Believe* God, his word who is Jesus is going to do what the word says and is interceding on their behalf.

3). Trust the Lord that he is doing something when we are doing or seeing nothing.  

Do not get weary in your well doing because the Lord has a set time they will be saved.  

Yes, what was your set time? Mine was 12/5/1993. At my set time I gave God my LIFE. I became a *YES* person for the Lord. *YES* means to me Yielded, Empowered Servant of the Lord for Him to use me whenever, wherever, whatever and however He choose.  

Some people have given God their heart but not their life because they don’t trust or believe God like that. They give God enough to accept Jesus but not their lives.  

Selah Moment with Prophetess Dr. Althea Winifred