Parents needing some Encouragement 

As parents whether it is your son or daughter we only have the word of God to stand on and encourage us.   If you are a Parent needing some Encouragement this article is for you.

Our children’s problems, troubles, situations and circumstances are not hard matters for God.  

It was a moment in our lives that we came into reality that only God can get us through it. It is the same with our children. 

Here are some scriptures I am standing on for my children and grandchildren. May these scriptures encourage you all as they are encouraging me at this time.  

Isaiah 49:25 “…and I will save thy children.”  

The words “I will” is not a condition neither is it something that you have to do. The Lord said “I will” save your children. Only the Lord can do this.  

Proverbs 11:21 “…but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”

Here in this scripture we see that “the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. Because we are His seed we shall be delivered. Because we have given Him our lives not just our hearts, we shall be delivered. And because we have His DNA of righteousness within us our seed shall be delivered.  

Isaiah 6:13 “…so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof.”

The holy seed who is Jesus Christ our deliver, savior, master, redeemer and the Word of God is our substance. This scripture is the one that God spoke to me to name his Ministry in September, 1996 almost 21 years ago. Ministries of Substance International was established by God so that the holy seed shall be the Substance within.  

The holy seed is within you and therefore your seed shall be delivered.  

As we facing situations, circumstances and tragedies that the seed that was placed in us has done, is doing or will be done we have comfort in these scriptures.  

The Lord said “I will save thy children.  

When the seed of God (who is His Word and His only begotten son) was on the cross – the Father’s total plan and purpose knew that Jesus will be delivered from death, the grave and will rise up and will seat with Him on His right side.

Through these facts, we have the same assurance as God the Father (the parent) and us being a parent too know this that our seed(s) shall be delivered.



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