The Air is Different 

“The air is different” you said because you have gone higher in the Lord. You have entered to a dimension in the Lord which I called the “ambience of God’s presence”. This place can only get access because God grant it. 

You will find in this new season that the new thing God is doing is called you. It is in this place you will hear things and asked others did you hear that and they will always say “hear what”.  
It is in this place you become sensitive to the things of the Lord.  

The Lord is teaching you to soar above the turbulence and learn to operate in this place of faith that pleases Him.

In His presence your faith will become your mandate to pleasing Him.  

Faith is the key that will unlock what we are looking for and looking forward too.
So enjoy “the different air” because it is his presence which is his ambience – how did it happen it is because of your faith. It is here things will be different because of your faith.  

You cannot do anything in the flesh to get into the ambience of God but to please Him with your faith.  

Embrace “different”. People will say you are different it is because you have entered his ambience.

I have just finished writhing my thesis and it is dealing with the 40 dimensions of faith. It will be a book and a workbook called “Compass Faith”.

#selahmoment, #dosubstance, #mosubstance, #theairisdifference


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