Unveiling and Uncovering

9:19 am Thus said the Lord… 

Unveiling myself to my people so they My see and hear about My glory. As I unveiled myself to Moses so I am unveiling Myself now. They will see my backside of me which is My goodness.  

They are in a place where I have set them upon and in the cliff of the rock. As I am their rock they are in me. That place that is very special because I selected them to be there to see Me and My goodness. All things are working together for their good.  

Tell My people, this unveiling of Myself is causing them to become transparent.

Those who are grafted in – I have taken a piece of My Son, his person, his persona and his personality is covering them. So when I see them I see My Son. I see them in Our image and likeness. My people have become a reflection of who I am.  

I am the beginning and the end. I am the author and finisher of Faith. I am holy and they are holy. I have set them apart unto Myself. I have given the authority, dominion, power with signs and wonders and at their words I will do it.  

This new place by Us will cause them to no longer be the tail and the head. They will be leaners and not borrows. They will be Mine and I will be theirs.  

There will be no more postponement for the Word I have spoken shall be done unto them.   

As I unveil they will become transparent. As I uncover the will become covered. It is all because of my unmerited, unconditional, united love.

#selahmoment  – 9:59 am


Hell, No!

Saying something that the non-Christians says often and as a Christian you have thought it but don’t say it. What is it? It is “Hell, No!”  

The world say “hell no” means something totally different to us as Christians.  When we in Christaindom who is apart of the kingdom you will say, “Hell, No”.  

We are say to Hell and all associated with Hell, and all inhabited of Hell.  All things that could go wrong that God has allowed and you have to take authority over.  Those things, people, places you have dominion over but you refused to operate in your faith.  

Effective immediately, say, “Hell, No, I am not subjected to lack, distractions, distrust disbelief, dullness, doubt or anything that is opposite or contrary to the Words of God or to God’s original intent or spoken about my life, and all that concerns me because it is written.

So today, if you are facing with situations, circumstances, trouble, issues, problems, or lack in any areas of your life, speak to it and tell it “Hell, No”.  

You know Heaven will response because it is the only one God created. Genesis 1:1 

You know God will answer because of His Word will no longer be postponed but more but the word he has spoke shall come to pass.  Ezekiel 12:28
#selahmoment with Dr. Althea Winifred 

You are and You Have

It is time to rise and shine and give God the honor, glory, and praise with thanksgiving as He is worthy.

You are *Special*.  

You are *Valuable*.  

You have the *Characteristics* of God Himself.

You are *Wonderfully* and *Fearfully* made.

You are a *Conveyor* of the Creator’s image and likeness.  

You are a *Carrier* of His glory. 

You are a *Bearer* of His Word.  

You are an *Ambassador* of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.  

You are a *Receiver* of all His promises. 

You are a *Messenger* of His scriptures. 

You are a *Beneficiary* of His miracles.  

You are a *Representative* of His Holy Spirit.

You are a *Seeker* of His presence. 

You are a *Scout* of His Protégés.  

You are a *Minister* of His ministry.  

You have *Diplomatic status*.  

You are *far above principalities and powers*. 

You have been *position in heavenly places* with Christ.  

You are a *Speaker* of making things come into existence. 

You are a *Watcher* of what you say come to pass.  

Therefore, may *The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace* in accordance to Numbers 6:24-26.

#SelahMoment with Prophetess Dr. Althea Winifred