Thinking Game

As this year is closing forever, I would like to share a Selah Moment.

Believing in my head that all my prophetic words will happen any day.

I am trying not to doubt which is a thinking game. (The tool uses to get me not to believe. That it will never happen or life will never get better or my situation will never get any better. I will be this way for the rest of my life.)

But today and every day, I have decided to believe with my heart and not doubt. Not be in the thinking game with Satan and pray in the spirit for the breakthrough of all my prophetic words to be manifested now in Jesus name.

Don’t play the thinking game with Satan because he will cause you to doubt become resentful and bitter.

End this year, Believe God is the place to be. This is Staying Strong and Only Believe!

In the New Year of 2019 and beyond, Believe God is the place to be. This is Staying Strong and ”Be not afraid, Only Believe” as Jesus said in Mark 5:36 ”As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.”

Selah Moment



Selah Moment ~ January 15, 2018

Here is your Prophetic Daily Selah Moment

Remember, You are fearfully and wonderfully made and I formed you in your mother’s womb. Therefore, I know what you need when you need it. Remember, I am your God and there is no other.

You have become the new thing, the change, the new challenge I am doing on the earth in all flesh. The revival, revolution and My readymade movement has begun in You and it is YOU! You are My new thing I am doing and You will be springing forward.

Psalms 139:14, Jeremiah 1:5, Isaiah 46:9, Isaiah 43:19

According to His Word I accept all assignments with a grateful and a humble heart, with humility.

Since we are His new thing, I am different, accepted. I am His standard upon the earth accepted. I am going forward and LORD is working with me accepted. This not my doing but His assignments accepted.

He is not making me I am His readymade fitted perfectly in today and every day for such a time as this to be used by Him.

With this revelation, my understanding and knowledge with His wisdom has become enlightened and I am empowered, equipped and my expectations is in the LORD.

Selah Moment

Personal Message for 2018 and beyond!

I believe that our message is the same but with more evidences of excitement so your readings, your prayers, your words of encouragement, your support, your acts of kindness, your love for each other, your help, your devotions, your songs, your participation has gone from “Hallelujah Amen” in 2017 and will be “Amen Hallelujah Amen” in 2018.

Amen means “be it unto me”.

With “hallelujah” we are declaring and decreeing what the angels are speaking in Heaven which is the highest praise. Why, because we want His kingdom come and His will be done on earth and within us His earthen vessel as it is in Heaven.

Again, letting Amen seal it all 8 of His “Ws” is what I want for each one of us ~ God’s Will, His work, His Wisdom, His Wants, His Worthiness, His Wonderful acts, His Wonders to be preformed and His Way to be done unto us.

I firmly believe that we must keep His Word hid in our hearts that we might not sin against Him according to Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

It is NOW time for heaven to invade us His people by using His Word as much as possible moment by moment so we will have no delays, no denials, nothing prolonged anymore for Ezekiel 12:28 states _Therefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord God.

The past was our practice run while our present is our actual run and our future is our faith, believing, trusting in Him, and only believing His Word NOW to get results when needed then.

Selah Moment with Dr. Althea Winifred

Selah Moments Topic: Here

Selah Moment Scripture:

That the Lord called Samuel: and he answered, Here am I. 1 Samuel 3:4

Selah Moment Devotional:

In school, your teacher first thing used to call the role and you had to acknowledge by answering “present or here”.

When you woke up the Lord did a role call.

Are you answering when the Lord calls us? Are you saying present or here? What are you saying to the Lord daily? When you wake up; are you busy getting up and rushing around that you forget to acknowledge Him? Are you here or there? Are you focus on Him here and now? Or are you going to bring into the picture when you get there?

As you approach this day and every day after this; let’s remember that being present we are in His presence. Therefore, let’s embrace being here to be use by Him for Him and to Him.

Here is a place of getting someone’s attention. Here is being in place and in position. Here is being on post to be used by Him.

Because I am here; I am more than a conqueror. I am victorious. I am courageous. I have come here for such a time as this. I decree that I am His and he is mine. I declare that He abides in me and I in Him. Also because I am here, He calls me His friend.

Personally, I am here ready to listen, ready to be used, ready to speak thus says the Lord, ready to help, ready to minister, ready to serve and ready to pray.

So, tell me why are you here again?

Selah Moment Prayer:

Father thank you so much for waking me up this morning. I just to let you know I am here ready to be use, and eager to worship and praise you. Amen

Selah Moment Prophetic Word:

I am the Lord and I am here for you guiding, instructing and teaching about My way based on My word and My promises so you can do My work with My wisdom because of My worth and My wonderful signs and wonders.