Fix what?  Is it Broken? 

How do you fix something when God is trying to get your child or children’s attention?

What do you do when the situation is in God’s hands and you relinquish all authority to God?
In order words, you give your child or children to God to fix and they create a problem that only God can fix.

Well, I have the answer “this kind” only can be fixed by God through pray and fasting. This kind is the situation or situations that only God can fix.

What does “fix” mean? Fix to me is having Faith In eXtreme knowing, wise and righteous God.

As I am writing this I hear the Lord say “fix what? Is it broken? Are the child or children not working correctly? I have allowed the hedge to be removed to get their attention. I, the Lord am not fixing them I already did that when I formed them. Come beyond your place of seeing only the situation and only seeing your child or children’s circumstances and soar higher in me above the principalities and power. Have a sit with my son who is interceding on your child or children’s behalf and yours. You have gone deeper in me, my child.

Come up higher in me and do not look down. The air in my ambience is pure like my word.

Yes, their situation affects you but not your relationship with me. I got you and I got them. So pray for your friends and watch me turn this situation around.

This is ministry at a totally different level. Anointing at a totally different dimension. This anointing is the yoke breaking with authority. Miracle working power. Faith moving mountains. You will spoke and watch things such as this turbulence to change.”

I have called you to watch and pray as I get the glory, praise and honor because I have allowed you to see yourself.

You cannot fix it because I already did. Just like Mary stood and watched as a parent of the Word who trained the Word to become flesh is the same position you are in right now. She did not fix it I fixed her, my son and the world in the beginning.

So rest in me as you prepare to go onward in me.”

After writing the above God showed me his prospective as a parent when Jesus died on the cross. He looked through Heaven, through Earth, through time, and saw his only begotten son completing the task which He did from the foundation of the World. He could have stop it. He could have caused the whole earth to go to hell and only save his son from His plan.

It was His Plan, His Purpose and His Pleasure to burst His son. He removed the hedged so that His Plan was not personal but Purposeful.

Therefore, as parents we have to watch, fast and pray that our child or children say like Christ “it is finished” and surrender to God their lives not just their hearts.

What they are going through is not the end but only the beginning for eternity to impact others for the Lord.


Beautiful for ashes

Living beneath Your means

My children are living beneath their means.

What do you mean Father?  “My children are living beneath their means.”  When my son came to earth from heaven on His assignment he did not live beneath his means.  He did not give up who he was to dwell among them.  He was himself in all his glory with power. He lived on earth above his means.   He did what He came to do and that was train the people he selected to change the world for eternity.

My children are living beneath their means. They believe that living with a fabulous house, having money in the bank and driving the best cars is living their means.  This is not what I am talking about my child.

Living beneath their means that their minds are not transformed.  Their souls are damage due to what someone has said or done to them.  Their spirit that connects to my Holy Spirit which is my presence has been hindered from worshiping and praising me.  They have made their body has cramp quarters for my Son to dwell in.

Living beneath their means is not based on what you possess but who you allow to possess you.  Living beneath their means is not about what you own but who you allow to own you.  Living beneath their means is not about have but who has you.

How can we live above our means, Father?  Living above your means takes discipline, obedience, trust, expectation, faith in and by my Spirit.  The just shall live by Faith.  Living above your means takes FAITH (Father’s Assignment, Instructions, Trust and Humility) to the voice of God.  Living above your means is being guided, taught, and instructed in the way you will go.  Living above your means is knowing who has your future, whose plans are being executed in and through your life.  Living above your means is impacting this World for eternity.  Living above your means is having a kingdom mindset without hindering your earthly lifestyle.

I am causing my children to live above their means and stop Living beneath their means.  Since I did not allow my Son to live beneath why do my children think that they will be living beneath.  It is about doing what I have set before you to do and trust I the Lord will work it out for you.  The one thing that is different than living beneath your means and living above your means is one word “FAITH”.

Grab onto your Faith and let your pleased God status become your way of living above and not beneath your means.

Deuteronomy 8:18 ~ You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.