As you likely know, the word shalom means “peace”. It also means “completeness” and “prosperity”.

Therefore, with this knowledge – May this day be complete in Him. May your soul prosper. May the Father give you SHALOM.


This is “In Between” day!

In between the cross and resurrection.
In between death and life.
In between heaven and hell.
In between getting your breakthrough.
In between your miracle.
In between your transition.
In between you waiting.

This is your “in between”!

Look around for you about to transfigured from your situation into God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Look around for you about to transformed by the power of God over your life.

Look around for you about to be transferred from your situation into God’s divine manifestation of His Word for your life.

Look around for you about to have transactions happening in your circumstances that will change your life forever.

You will no longer be between paychecks.

You will no longer be between two minds.

You will no longer be between two relationships.

You will no longer be between money.

You will no longer be between lack and prosperity.

You will no longer be between life and death.

You shall live and decree and declare and not die.

You shall be victorious.

You shall be blessed.

You shall be completed in Christ Jesus.

You are my Child and I am Your Father.

If you receive this say “I receive this in Jesus Name”!

Praying for (F.I.R.E) Father Igniting & Reigning Everywhere.

I am praying for you today. That the presence of God who is the Holy Spirit will show up and ignite a revival which will not stop in the hearts of your people.

I pray that the Lord will come forth in the opening prayer, in the word being read, in praise and worship, in the offering, in the words of encouragement, in the message, in the invitation, in the closing remarks and prayer. That the Lord will cause fire from heaven to come down and consume us for His plans and purposes putting us in right standing with Him and giving us favorable results.

Father, ignite a revival that will revelation, knowledge, discernment, understanding, counsel, and wisdom about who you are and your word and your Holy Spirit.

Father, inflame people’s hearts their lives, that you burn out all things that are not of you, your Son or your Spirit.

Father increase our faith and be our consuming fire.

Let this day be the day that churches who is your people around the world, in this place, across this nation experience you as their (F.I.R.E) Father Igniting & Reigning Everywhere.

In Jesus name and through His blood. Amen! Amen! Amen!


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Where are at in God is the question?

Are we in the morning, evening, the cold of the day, the 9th hour, the 11th hour, noonday hour?

Some are with Him no longer looking at Him through time but sees Him face to face.

Some are not in a place with Him yet. But there are reflections in times in your day that Only the Father calls you into.

Are these your time which are places in Him.

It you have a need or are praying it could be at 8:09 am or pm times slot you are in a time and place of praying which is you are in the 9th hour. Therefore, praying.

If you are in morning and evening hour you are in the “breaking of dawn”. You may find yourself mourning in the night but know this that joy comes in the morning. It is in the morning there is peace that pass understanding. It is in the night that you feel like you have been forgotten. When you are in the morning you know that HE will never leave you nor will HE forsake you.

If you are in the 11th hour you are turning your face to the wall. It is here you are faced with crisis, situations, problems, trouble and circumstances that only The Father can handle. Only the Father can change, correct or in some case to cease out of exist.

If you are in the cold of the day is that the Lord is wanting to talking with you. Can you be make time for HIM. A time that you and LORD are one in HIM. A time where HE seeks to commune with you.

If you are in noonday hour you are praising and worshipping. The Father are seeking true worshippers. Will you worship him in spirit and in truth?

No matter where you are in your day in the morning, evening, the cold of the day, the 9th hour, the 11th hour, noonday hour know that the Father is there with you.

Selah Moment

Happy 34th Birthday ~ Jodi

Join us in wishing and if you by chance see our daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, mother, girlfriend, friend, 3 in our 4 generation lineage; anywhere in the world, or on any social media, wish Jodi Done’ a very Happy “34th” Birthday from all us.

When God made you for us He made you just what we needed back 34 years ago when you entered our lives at 8:59 am on January 30, 1984 and even now.

You are not perfect but professional. You are not a twin but for 10 days you share your age with your brother. But You are loved, victorious, complete, beautiful, unique, special, funny, witty, sensitive, created with divine purpose, strong willed, important, empowered, equipped, encouraged, protected, family and has been chosen for us. Thanks for choosing US! 😳

Happy 34th Birthday my child!

Hey Jodi, how old are my children for the next 10 days?

Substance Prophetic Conference

Ministries of Substance International presents

Substance (Prophetic) Conference

Theme: Transparent with Substance

2 Services of Prophetic (Thursday 2/1/18 & Friday 2/2/18)

All are welcome to come nightly at 7:00 pm!


02/01/18 – Thursday – Prophetic Psalmist – LaToya Sanders

02/02/18 – Friday – Prophetic Psalmist – Minister Carletta Sloan


02/01/18 – Thursday – Pastor Tonya Weaver

02/02/18 – Friday – Prophetess Dr Althea Winifred

Come Expecting to receive from the LORD!

DisTrust and believing it is Trust!!!

I started fasting on the 8th of January not eating or drinking until after 5 pm for 10 days. Everything was great. Fast was going great. I will even say going perfect.

Day 3 – today I got a call 12:51 am 🙈🙊 totally convicted me so I was up repenting.

(You know something I have not cried. Tears are bottles up. When I do cry it is going to be over something simple but my tears will be the whole bottle worth 😂🤣😱😜🙊🙈.)

Back to our conversation – You see I am not working and God is not allowing me to work because He wants me to TRUST him. This word he spoke to me all the time in 2016 and 2017. He would say “Do you Trust me”? My rebuttal is “yes LORD of course I do you are GOD”.

So I do things to make money and God says “I am supplying your needs”. I have been here before and want to work. I apply for jobs and God will say they will not respond. He says “You work for Me”.

To my family and some friends think I am lazy. People just don’t understand. So the prophetess called and said “stop making it about money. Do it unto the Lord.” You see my Mum is here and I normally pay for her and take her wherever she wants to go. I live with my daughter and girls; she needs contracts to sustain the household. Only thing I can do spiritually is pray, fast and listen for God to speak. Naturally I cook and clean and help with her clients but I want to contribute financially.

Well, let tell the truth it has been about money because I have no income. I got so convicted by the word. I repented but put myself under the foundation because I don’t know how to be happy without let alone how to trust God at this level or dimension in Him.

I have been here before but this time it is so hard. People try and give me money God says “you need to give it away or buy something for an event I am having”.

You know something I am questioning my Trust in God. What does that mean? How do you trust God who you don’t see and ignore what you do see? I trust Him for my breath but I guess I been doing it so long I think it is mine and not Him allowing me to breve. People say and I say “TRUST GOD” but do we know what we are telling people and what people are telling us.

Day 3 – Focus – Father How do I trust you? What is trust? How do I trust you and be happy? How do I trust when people have abused that area of my life? I need to trust again so I can move forward. You know something, when I thing about it I don’t trust. I need the Father’s help to restore, repair, and renew my abused, jected up trust so I can trust again. Father help me please!

Day 1 and 2 was great – Day 3 with 7 more to go. 😱🙊🤦‍♀️ Father HELP ME PLEASE!

Not sure why I am bleeding on you about my TRUST issue. I feel like the woman with this issue of blood and I have had distrust for 20 plus years Now and I need to be healed.

DisTrust is something we all deal with but I don’t every remember someone teaching or preaching about trust. We enter life trusting someone to care for us but then someone comes along and abuses our trust. Once trust is broken it is never repaired, restored or renewed; or is it?

Trust cuts so deep and so hard that even when the knife, person, or people have left, your TRUST is not left but changes from TRUST to DISTRUST.

We operate with DISTRUST and believe it is TRUST. It is not until God tells you the problem and He wants to restore, repair, and renew you back to His original intent foryour life.

A Time of Reflection for 2017.

It would be nice to write our highlights for 2017. In other words tell us what God has done for you in 2017.

2017 was a year I found myself as a seed. Placed in this year of 2017 was a year of being my soil. It was a year of much achievements but it was where I felt like I was a seed I died. All that I wanted for me has been taken away, ripped, cut and few cases burned out of me.

The weeds in this year 2017 was everything that tried to suck the life out of me. Tried to get me off track as I am a fixed fighter for the Father. Tried to get me to come down of the wall when I know I am doing a great work. Tried to caused me not to diligently harken unto His voice. Tried to prevent me from doing His will.

2017 I Now understood the term dying to self to a totally different dimension. Since this year of 2017 was my soil, am a seed I was broken under the weights of family, friends desires, selfishness and self entitlement, left alone at time and felt like I was alone, despite, depressed and despair, buried to die to self. The person who die was me. 2017 was a year of repenting, surrendering and acknowledging the fact that God is in control and he orders my steps.

As a seed of being humbled under the mighty hand of God to which I do not fully understand but only time will reveal what God has done in this year. What He has invested, deposited and placed within me will take the remaining of my life to be revealed.

A year of being separated unto the Lord; year of having the God of peace that gave me the peace that pass understanding; a year of prayer and Intercession; a year of giving up my desires and having them to be engaged and engulfed with the Lord’s desires and purposes for my life.

A year of wanting patience and got nothing but things that caused me to realize that I don’t have it mastered yet.

Ministry is my desires, traveling to preach, teach and speak thus said the Lord has not happened yet I became frustrated with and in the process. It was on a day in my frustration did I realize that the Lord is using me but it is His way and not my way so in this year my Process in His purpose became purely His plan so I can do His Word using His wisdom, based on His worth and His Word so His wonders if sign will follow as I do His work.

A year of knowing I was hidden in Him yet in plain sight waiting for His significant substance that He invested in me to grow, bud, bloom and glow because of His glory, His honor and His praise.

Year of accepting that the people who rejected me, hates or even dislikes me only rerouted my directions to the Lord and not them.

This year was year of achievements; hearing the voice of God crystal clear; writing so God can speak daily; planting in the beginning of the year and watching harvest be manifested; season of being germinated; my roots came from me and I became rooted and grounded in Him; revelation knowledge has become my lifeline; understanding, discernment, wisdom has also become my perfected portion this year.

A time of reflection was about the Lord but it was about people like you who impacted my life without even knowing. As I read, prayed or even intercede for you most time I did not respond as I watch your reactions in your storms which encourage me in my personal thoughts, storms, crisis, circumstances and situations.

There was a funeral but there was nobody but me. Thank Father. For allowing me this process of being a seed and having a seed as small as a mustard seed that has grown in 2017.

As a final reflection of 2017 it a year of learning about Courts of Heaven in great details that has changed me forever. Came into 2017 think that I was in a fight but exiting knowing that it is not my fight.

Selah Moment

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