Thus said the Lord…

Today is the first day of the last month of 2018. Within the first 12 days there is coming a breakthrough both naturally and spiritually.

12/12/2018 will be a day that you be seeing the manifestation of My word in and throughout your life. This day will be a significant day. It will be a day of Victory. Victory in contracts, connections, contacts with new business opportunities.

Even though you will experience breakthrough it will be oppositions. As I was with My servants Moses and Joshua so I am with you.

Delay doesn’t mean denial. It may not be your plans but it is My plans.

Don’t be frustrated My child for I have commanded to bless you and it cannot be reversed.

This month will have it challenges and warfare but it is a month of peace and harmony for My people.

Within this month you will be taught, guided and instructed with warfare strategies with Prophetic impartation and Apostolic revelation knowledge.

Get ready for divine intervention and interpretations of dreams and visions.

There are coming new levels of promotion and also demonstration of My power and mighty.

Your past confrontation conflicts and how you reacted this time you will see growth and maturity and perfection. Things are happening to show My child your growth in I the Lord. You will be know because of My Investment in you even though you could not see it or even believe it.

I ask you to sow your first fruits seed for your breakthrough for and in 2019 in the amount of either:- $20.19 / $201.90 / $2,019.00 / $20,190.00


Thus said the Lord… 11/1/2018

Today is the first day of a new month, new quarter, new season, new year and most of all it is a new journey you are embarking on.

There is a freshness coming to My people.

This is going to be a time of much changes, much challenges, much character evaluation. Through everything, if you trust I, the Lord through the process you will become empowered and equipped for what is about to take place on the earth.

There is 60 days left in this year of 2018. As you will see that these remaining days will become days to knowing My will; gaining a wealth of knowledge; and becoming more like My Word.

Devastating and catastrophic things will be happening.

Embrace for a very Moderated Cold Winter.

As time is setback know that I am cutting thing short and in righteousness because I am doing a quick work.

Things will be happening quick fast and will be happening instantly, immediately and suddenly.

Seek My face and call on Me for I will answer you.

Arise My prophets for I will be using you mighty in these days as I will be doing nothing unless I reveal it to My prophets first.

Summary of the Fasting Focus and doing the 8 watches

Last day – Day 9 – Real – What an excellent experience during this fast in September for 9 days, 9 hours per day based on Mark 9:29.

God trust us to do His fast our way and get His Results.

We Repented, was Restored, Renewed, Released, gained a more intimate Relationship with the Father which cause us to be Refined and Redefined in Him; we will not Repeat nothing but be His Representative that is Real totally transparent in our worship, fellowship, praise and prayer life.

I firmly believe that our Lives, Lifestyle and ALL that concerns us has changed for ever. Each of us has proven and trusted God on a level we did not know exist.

These 9 days were exuberayting and totally effectiveness to gain a pivotal moment within us.

You can say that the Holy Spirit who is the presence of God is now about to manifest the inside of you which is Himself and cause the You to be in Him.

9 means to have completeness in Him. Producing Harvesting which is abundance of His Blessings, Favor and Grace.

9 is the final single digit.

Expect to have an awesome day in the Lord for this is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it 9/9/18 (9/9/(1+8=9).

Let us take the last quarter of 2018 and treasure each moment of our journey become we will find that 2019 will be a Year of Accelerated Results from the Father.

FYI – Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown which starts the year of 5779 / 2019 based on the Jewish calendar.

2018 is a Year of Reigning

Where I am you are as will in heavenly places far above principalities and power. Reigning quantum leaps. Reigning in your workplaces. Reigning in your homes. Reigning in your faith. Reigning in your obedience. Reigning in your trusting. Reigning in your time with I the Lord. Reigning in your church. Reigning in your Businesses. Reigning in your contract. Reigning in connections. Reigning in your all aspects of your life.

You will reignite and become royalty as I have caused you to be priests and a holy nation that will reign in ways you could not even begin tolp understand.

2018 is a Year of Regaining Recent Reaching Record height and Recognized dimensions while Recovering Righteousness

2018 is a Year of Regaining that was destroyed or stolen, Reaching things you thought it was untamable and Recovering manifestation of things that has been taken away.

Righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost will a key component in your life. My Spirit shall pour out upon all flesh. My anointing will break the yokes that are holding people back from getting breakthroughs.

Families will be leaving this world and entering eternity together.

Criminal charges will be given to the driver of the train crash in Seattle Washington due to him not doing his job correctly.

There will be major train accidents and it will be due because of terror attacks, people not doing their jobs and because of wear and tear of the train and track it runs on.

Bridges needs to be inspected as there is coming a bridge collapsing due to years of wear and tear.

There will be changes in the weather patterns and there will be number of hurricanes back to back. 19 major that will do major damage to Nations. Hurricanes happening in places that you would not even thought about. Inland people are going to go inland but they will fell the affects of the hurricanes. The weather will be having record breaking temperatures both low and highs.

Tsunami will cause a catastrophic change to the geography of the land.

China will be going to war and will be defeated. Their president will be have an attempt to assassinate him. There is coming attacked on all heads of Nations. Security surrounding them will be increased but they will be assassinated. Nations leaders and their families will be attacked in this year.

Security guard and bodyguards positions will increase because of the demand to protect people while preforming normal daily activities.

The celebrities will be changing as their is a new acting and artist happening. Totally different.

What is wrong they will try and get people to think they are right. What is right will seem wrong. Do not be deceived as I the Lord will not be mocked.

Sink holds. The ground opening. Unexplainable things happening.

There is going to be a mining accident that many will die due to a shift in the earths surface.

A piece of space will end the atmosphere and will cause much damage. I will be like war zone with the damage this will be.

There will be a number of small airplane crashes in communities, upon homes and in fields.

FDA will band some foods and stop something’s that will be announced in the news.

Boats crashes that will make the news.

The announcement of twins born naturally is the times that my people will be traveling two by two. There are connections coming to help, serve, build up ministries, and their leaders. Ministries and churches will be a time of restructuring their foundation and reconstructing the way they do business.

Government will be announcing a probing into churches affairs, their Pastor and the way business are being done. Guidelines will be sent out as how the 5013c done.

There are game changers within the body of Christ. The unknowns are moving forward in rapid numbers.

Transfer for wealth has started to happen so that My people will become perfected, equipped and empowered on what is about to happen.

I have told my son to be prepare to get his bride. The scene in heaven is that I have spoken My Son who is my Word will be returning for a prepared church for an adorned bride. The angel who has been created to blow the trumpet has socked in the air, he has put the trumpet to his lips and is about to blow the sound that will cause your faith to synchronize with the sound of the trumpet that will cause My son’s bride to be caught up. The angel has looked to his left and the Son who has been sitting is about to stand who has looked to his left at me His Father for the Word to descend and get your bride. Upon this event happening He will being with him, his bride but also my Spirit who is my presence. We, my Spirit, my Son and Son will be together as it was in the beginning.

Fires will be burning in the West with floods in the East and storms in the middle of countries.

Israel will be in the news in breaking number of stories. Palestine Nation will try to over take Israel and many nations will join them. But my people’s land will not be taken from them. There will be breaking number of people visiting Israel in the midst of the turmoil.

Major cities within the USA will look like war zones.

A breaking number of women will be killing, being suicide bombers who are seeking revenge for what has happened to them.

My people who are called by My name to be alert and aware of who and what is going on around you.

Witty inventions coming and the wealth of the sinner will be distributed through ways they will not understand.

Entrepreneurs will be established in ways you cannot understand. Different entrepreneurs. Different ways of doing things.

There is coming new direction to do things differently and totally get much success. My people shall be giving, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment in this year to do their businesses because they asked. I have granted them their request to establish my will on earth as it is in Heaven.

Many announcements of weddings and marriages and births. Many people will divorce but the number of people connecting to fulfill my work will happen.

Thus said the Lord 12/23/17 4:33 pm