Happy 34th Birthday ~ Jodi

Join us in wishing and if you by chance see our daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, mother, girlfriend, friend, 3 in our 4 generation lineage; anywhere in the world, or on any social media, wish Jodi Done’ a very Happy “34th” Birthday from all us.

When God made you for us He made you just what we needed back 34 years ago when you entered our lives at 8:59 am on January 30, 1984 and even now.

You are not perfect but professional. You are not a twin but for 10 days you share your age with your brother. But You are loved, victorious, complete, beautiful, unique, special, funny, witty, sensitive, created with divine purpose, strong willed, important, empowered, equipped, encouraged, protected, family and has been chosen for us. Thanks for choosing US! 😳

Happy 34th Birthday my child!

Hey Jodi, how old are my children for the next 10 days?


Selah Moments Topic: Here

Selah Moment Scripture:

That the Lord called Samuel: and he answered, Here am I. 1 Samuel 3:4

Selah Moment Devotional:

In school, your teacher first thing used to call the role and you had to acknowledge by answering “present or here”.

When you woke up the Lord did a role call.

Are you answering when the Lord calls us? Are you saying present or here? What are you saying to the Lord daily? When you wake up; are you busy getting up and rushing around that you forget to acknowledge Him? Are you here or there? Are you focus on Him here and now? Or are you going to bring into the picture when you get there?

As you approach this day and every day after this; let’s remember that being present we are in His presence. Therefore, let’s embrace being here to be use by Him for Him and to Him.

Here is a place of getting someone’s attention. Here is being in place and in position. Here is being on post to be used by Him.

Because I am here; I am more than a conqueror. I am victorious. I am courageous. I have come here for such a time as this. I decree that I am His and he is mine. I declare that He abides in me and I in Him. Also because I am here, He calls me His friend.

Personally, I am here ready to listen, ready to be used, ready to speak thus says the Lord, ready to help, ready to minister, ready to serve and ready to pray.

So, tell me why are you here again?

Selah Moment Prayer:

Father thank you so much for waking me up this morning. I just to let you know I am here ready to be use, and eager to worship and praise you. Amen

Selah Moment Prophetic Word:

I am the Lord and I am here for you guiding, instructing and teaching about My way based on My word and My promises so you can do My work with My wisdom because of My worth and My wonderful signs and wonders.

When PEACE does not make Sense!!!

This blog is about trusting in God when life, decisions, death and departures such as divorce do not make sense and trusting in God and allow Him to comfort you in the time when peace is needed.

There are four types of Peace:-

1). Peace which is natural;

2). Knowing Peace of understanding;

3). There is peace because you know the God of peace;

4). The peace that is present which is spiritual.

Many people need to understand stages of grief (does not only mean death) which matches the types of Peace.

Your Peace that Pass Understanding is needed. Peace comes when you understand the situation, circumstances and problem or trouble. The peace of mind when you understand. There is no peace then you do not understand. There is peace when you trust God. There is peace when you believe the God of Peace.

People over the years have made peace

1). As a sign peace (✌️).

2). Peace was and is a movement or a revolution.

3). But this blog will be about the revelation of Peace.

4). This kind of peace only comes from the knowledge of Peace.

The day Jesus spoke and said “Peace Be Still”. He did not speak and call the storm, rain, wind, or waves, or the seas but He called and identified PEACE. Peace was acting up that day. (I have always said that). When Jesus spoke to Peace and identified it Peace became peaceful. Jesus called on the understanding Peace. Jesus spoke to the thing which we need is the revelation about Peace. This blog will give people information but the knowledge, wisdom, discernment and understanding about Peace.

I believe that peace comes to you when realize that peace comes has a purpose which is for eternal but people leave because their purpose has been fulfilled. People like your love one fulfilled their plan of God in time. Their time here was not cut short but was completed with excellent.

I believe that when a person dies in the Lord, they die in the faith and full. Leaving with the purpose, the plan, please God. The Bible says the word cannot return to God void but accomplished what it was set to do. Jesus the word became flesh and dwelt among us. We are flesh becoming the word of God to dwell among them and to return to God full with strength, obedience, trusting, having faith and peace.

I believe when we allow people to leave us rejected, abused, hurt, pain, etc they leave us empty because they sucked our peace, joy, love out so we can be rerouted to become strong, obey, trust, having faith and peace again in the God of Peace. When rejection or abuse is presence there is no peace of understanding or discernment or knowledge or peace in relationship.

When Jesus left His place in time or this world He entered His heavenly place far above principalities and powers into position because of His purposeful peace and His personal peace was done. So was your love one. Your love one deposited into you which they did not leave you empty they left you full.

Full to love again, full to teach, full to preach, full to write about it. You are not empty they empowered you, equipped you, encouraged you. They gave you an encounter about Peace and security that you became ignited to tell others about.

Jesus did not leave us empty but sent the Holy Spirit to complete and comfort us.

Here some topics to think about:

1). Peace

2). Peaceful

3). Place called Peace Peacemakers

4). The Peace that Pass Understanding

5). The God who is Peace

6). Presence of Peace is having the Holy Spirit

7). Revolutions of Peace

8). Revelation of Peace

9). Peace under Review

10). Your Relationship with the God of Peace

11). Becoming a Revolutionary or Revolutionaries of Peace

12). Peace of Knowledge Vs the Peace of Information

I firmly believe that something written here was enough to give you Peace which comforted you.

Selah Moment

Unveiling and Uncovering

9:19 am Thus said the Lord… 

Unveiling myself to my people so they My see and hear about My glory. As I unveiled myself to Moses so I am unveiling Myself now. They will see my backside of me which is My goodness.  

They are in a place where I have set them upon and in the cliff of the rock. As I am their rock they are in me. That place that is very special because I selected them to be there to see Me and My goodness. All things are working together for their good.  

Tell My people, this unveiling of Myself is causing them to become transparent.

Those who are grafted in – I have taken a piece of My Son, his person, his persona and his personality is covering them. So when I see them I see My Son. I see them in Our image and likeness. My people have become a reflection of who I am.  

I am the beginning and the end. I am the author and finisher of Faith. I am holy and they are holy. I have set them apart unto Myself. I have given the authority, dominion, power with signs and wonders and at their words I will do it.  

This new place by Us will cause them to no longer be the tail and the head. They will be leaners and not borrows. They will be Mine and I will be theirs.  

There will be no more postponement for the Word I have spoken shall be done unto them.   

As I unveil they will become transparent. As I uncover the will become covered. It is all because of my unmerited, unconditional, united love.

#selahmoment  – 9:59 am