Personal Message for 2018 and beyond!

I believe that our message is the same but with more evidences of excitement so your readings, your prayers, your words of encouragement, your support, your acts of kindness, your love for each other, your help, your devotions, your songs, your participation has gone from “Hallelujah Amen” in 2017 and will be “Amen Hallelujah Amen” in 2018.

Amen means “be it unto me”.

With “hallelujah” we are declaring and decreeing what the angels are speaking in Heaven which is the highest praise. Why, because we want His kingdom come and His will be done on earth and within us His earthen vessel as it is in Heaven.

Again, letting Amen seal it all 8 of His “Ws” is what I want for each one of us ~ God’s Will, His work, His Wisdom, His Wants, His Worthiness, His Wonderful acts, His Wonders to be preformed and His Way to be done unto us.

I firmly believe that we must keep His Word hid in our hearts that we might not sin against Him according to Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

It is NOW time for heaven to invade us His people by using His Word as much as possible moment by moment so we will have no delays, no denials, nothing prolonged anymore for Ezekiel 12:28 states _Therefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord God.

The past was our practice run while our present is our actual run and our future is our faith, believing, trusting in Him, and only believing His Word NOW to get results when needed then.

Selah Moment with Dr. Althea Winifred


Selah Moments Topic: Here

Selah Moment Scripture:

That the Lord called Samuel: and he answered, Here am I. 1 Samuel 3:4

Selah Moment Devotional:

In school, your teacher first thing used to call the role and you had to acknowledge by answering “present or here”.

When you woke up the Lord did a role call.

Are you answering when the Lord calls us? Are you saying present or here? What are you saying to the Lord daily? When you wake up; are you busy getting up and rushing around that you forget to acknowledge Him? Are you here or there? Are you focus on Him here and now? Or are you going to bring into the picture when you get there?

As you approach this day and every day after this; let’s remember that being present we are in His presence. Therefore, let’s embrace being here to be use by Him for Him and to Him.

Here is a place of getting someone’s attention. Here is being in place and in position. Here is being on post to be used by Him.

Because I am here; I am more than a conqueror. I am victorious. I am courageous. I have come here for such a time as this. I decree that I am His and he is mine. I declare that He abides in me and I in Him. Also because I am here, He calls me His friend.

Personally, I am here ready to listen, ready to be used, ready to speak thus says the Lord, ready to help, ready to minister, ready to serve and ready to pray.

So, tell me why are you here again?

Selah Moment Prayer:

Father thank you so much for waking me up this morning. I just to let you know I am here ready to be use, and eager to worship and praise you. Amen

Selah Moment Prophetic Word:

I am the Lord and I am here for you guiding, instructing and teaching about My way based on My word and My promises so you can do My work with My wisdom because of My worth and My wonderful signs and wonders.

A Time of Reflection for 2017.

It would be nice to write our highlights for 2017. In other words tell us what God has done for you in 2017.

2017 was a year I found myself as a seed. Placed in this year of 2017 was a year of being my soil. It was a year of much achievements but it was where I felt like I was a seed I died. All that I wanted for me has been taken away, ripped, cut and few cases burned out of me.

The weeds in this year 2017 was everything that tried to suck the life out of me. Tried to get me off track as I am a fixed fighter for the Father. Tried to get me to come down of the wall when I know I am doing a great work. Tried to caused me not to diligently harken unto His voice. Tried to prevent me from doing His will.

2017 I Now understood the term dying to self to a totally different dimension. Since this year of 2017 was my soil, am a seed I was broken under the weights of family, friends desires, selfishness and self entitlement, left alone at time and felt like I was alone, despite, depressed and despair, buried to die to self. The person who die was me. 2017 was a year of repenting, surrendering and acknowledging the fact that God is in control and he orders my steps.

As a seed of being humbled under the mighty hand of God to which I do not fully understand but only time will reveal what God has done in this year. What He has invested, deposited and placed within me will take the remaining of my life to be revealed.

A year of being separated unto the Lord; year of having the God of peace that gave me the peace that pass understanding; a year of prayer and Intercession; a year of giving up my desires and having them to be engaged and engulfed with the Lord’s desires and purposes for my life.

A year of wanting patience and got nothing but things that caused me to realize that I don’t have it mastered yet.

Ministry is my desires, traveling to preach, teach and speak thus said the Lord has not happened yet I became frustrated with and in the process. It was on a day in my frustration did I realize that the Lord is using me but it is His way and not my way so in this year my Process in His purpose became purely His plan so I can do His Word using His wisdom, based on His worth and His Word so His wonders if sign will follow as I do His work.

A year of knowing I was hidden in Him yet in plain sight waiting for His significant substance that He invested in me to grow, bud, bloom and glow because of His glory, His honor and His praise.

Year of accepting that the people who rejected me, hates or even dislikes me only rerouted my directions to the Lord and not them.

This year was year of achievements; hearing the voice of God crystal clear; writing so God can speak daily; planting in the beginning of the year and watching harvest be manifested; season of being germinated; my roots came from me and I became rooted and grounded in Him; revelation knowledge has become my lifeline; understanding, discernment, wisdom has also become my perfected portion this year.

A time of reflection was about the Lord but it was about people like you who impacted my life without even knowing. As I read, prayed or even intercede for you most time I did not respond as I watch your reactions in your storms which encourage me in my personal thoughts, storms, crisis, circumstances and situations.

There was a funeral but there was nobody but me. Thank Father. For allowing me this process of being a seed and having a seed as small as a mustard seed that has grown in 2017.

As a final reflection of 2017 it a year of learning about Courts of Heaven in great details that has changed me forever. Came into 2017 think that I was in a fight but exiting knowing that it is not my fight.

Selah Moment

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When PEACE does not make Sense!!!

This blog is about trusting in God when life, decisions, death and departures such as divorce do not make sense and trusting in God and allow Him to comfort you in the time when peace is needed.

There are four types of Peace:-

1). Peace which is natural;

2). Knowing Peace of understanding;

3). There is peace because you know the God of peace;

4). The peace that is present which is spiritual.

Many people need to understand stages of grief (does not only mean death) which matches the types of Peace.

Your Peace that Pass Understanding is needed. Peace comes when you understand the situation, circumstances and problem or trouble. The peace of mind when you understand. There is no peace then you do not understand. There is peace when you trust God. There is peace when you believe the God of Peace.

People over the years have made peace

1). As a sign peace (✌️).

2). Peace was and is a movement or a revolution.

3). But this blog will be about the revelation of Peace.

4). This kind of peace only comes from the knowledge of Peace.

The day Jesus spoke and said “Peace Be Still”. He did not speak and call the storm, rain, wind, or waves, or the seas but He called and identified PEACE. Peace was acting up that day. (I have always said that). When Jesus spoke to Peace and identified it Peace became peaceful. Jesus called on the understanding Peace. Jesus spoke to the thing which we need is the revelation about Peace. This blog will give people information but the knowledge, wisdom, discernment and understanding about Peace.

I believe that peace comes to you when realize that peace comes has a purpose which is for eternal but people leave because their purpose has been fulfilled. People like your love one fulfilled their plan of God in time. Their time here was not cut short but was completed with excellent.

I believe that when a person dies in the Lord, they die in the faith and full. Leaving with the purpose, the plan, please God. The Bible says the word cannot return to God void but accomplished what it was set to do. Jesus the word became flesh and dwelt among us. We are flesh becoming the word of God to dwell among them and to return to God full with strength, obedience, trusting, having faith and peace.

I believe when we allow people to leave us rejected, abused, hurt, pain, etc they leave us empty because they sucked our peace, joy, love out so we can be rerouted to become strong, obey, trust, having faith and peace again in the God of Peace. When rejection or abuse is presence there is no peace of understanding or discernment or knowledge or peace in relationship.

When Jesus left His place in time or this world He entered His heavenly place far above principalities and powers into position because of His purposeful peace and His personal peace was done. So was your love one. Your love one deposited into you which they did not leave you empty they left you full.

Full to love again, full to teach, full to preach, full to write about it. You are not empty they empowered you, equipped you, encouraged you. They gave you an encounter about Peace and security that you became ignited to tell others about.

Jesus did not leave us empty but sent the Holy Spirit to complete and comfort us.

Here some topics to think about:

1). Peace

2). Peaceful

3). Place called Peace Peacemakers

4). The Peace that Pass Understanding

5). The God who is Peace

6). Presence of Peace is having the Holy Spirit

7). Revolutions of Peace

8). Revelation of Peace

9). Peace under Review

10). Your Relationship with the God of Peace

11). Becoming a Revolutionary or Revolutionaries of Peace

12). Peace of Knowledge Vs the Peace of Information

I firmly believe that something written here was enough to give you Peace which comforted you.

Selah Moment

Month of December ~ Summary: The tribe of Benjamin/Month of Kislev:

29 or 30 days – December


SAMEKH — trust, support, coming full circle


Benjamin – the most gifted with the art of the bow; the only child born in the Promised Land, so watch Israel this month.


A month to develop your warfare strategies: to have a prophetic revelation for war. A month to enter in to a new level of trust and rest. A month to declare your life experiences to be filled with tranquility and peace ask for the rivers of life to flow.


Sagittarius (the archer) — a time to fight against empires and cultures


Multicolor (like the rainbow)/Opal or Rainbow Jasper

Kislev is the ninth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar and is associated with the Hebrew letter SAMEKH, which pictures trust, support, and coming full circle. We should be coming full circle in developing our trust and confidence. By examining our hearts and motives during Kislev each year, we will break up and out of old patterns of mistrust that hinder our walk with the Lord and others in our circle of influence.

The name Kislev derives from the Hebrew word for “security” and “trust.” This is the month to enter in to a new level of trust and rest.

Kislev is associated with the tribe of Benjamin, the most gifted of the tribes with the art of the bow.

As you develop your warfare strategies this month, you can tap in prophetically to gain revelation concerning the war season ahead. This connects with Head of the Year so that you can start the year right.

Benjamin was also the only child born in the land of promise, so this is a month to watch Israel. Things happen during this month, which change the course of Israel.

Kislev is associated with the constellation Sagittarius (the archer). This month is a time to fight against empires and cultures. This is a month to shoot straight and move quickly. Think of the archer. Cut your losses and move on.

Last month was the month of the flood, so this is the month of the rainbow. Examine what you have warred through in the past year to come into a place of peace. God makes a covenant with us so that we will not have to war with those things again, which was the symbolism of the rainbow. There are certain things every year that you want to make a spiritual locater and say, “I am not going through that again.”

In this month of tranquility and peace; even in the midst of warfare, you will have peace. Many people do not understand this aspect of warfare. This simply means that in the midst of the warfare, you are on the offensive so that you have peace in the midst of conflict. When we get tangled up and get out of our abiding place, we get into trouble.

This is the month of dreams and night visions. Through the year the Lord has been pouring things into you, then all of the sudden He draws them out through dreams. Sometimes that is the only way He can communicate with you. You have pressed through and then you fall asleep. This is when He can begin to stir up revelation. This is also a month to review your sleeping patterns so that you will be healthier in the year ahead.

This month is a time to let the river of God flow from your innermost being. There is a great relationship between tranquility and fullness. If we don’t relate to our inner being correctly, we cannot enter into fullness. When your river starts flowing, you can enter into your next measure.

The Glory of God is Conceal!

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2

This scripture says “the glory of God to conceal a thing”. The word “conceal” means bury, camouflage, cover, cover up, lie low, masquerade, hole up, just to name a few.

Since the glory of God is to conceal a thing. Have you felt like you are a camouflage? Have you been in situation and know that you have been looked over? Have you been in plain sight and totally hidden? Have you been in circumstances that you are covered or covered up?

If any of these answers to these questions are “YES” than let me say that you have been concealed. You are bury, camouflage, cover, cover up, lie low, masquerade and hole up.

Great news you are that way because you are a bearer, conceiver, holder, carrier, rewarder of His glory.

We have not been forgotten or forsaken but we are His glory preserved and being prepared based on His plans.

#SelahMoment with Dr. Althea Winifred

40 More Days left

There are 40 more days left in this year of 2017 from today.

If God has given you something to do, (write a song, a book, prepare a message, go to someone and release them because you were offended by them, forgive them, etc) please obey the unction of the Holy Spirit.

We are now in a place of operating in our faith, believing and trusting the Lord for the next dimensions.

2017 is not finished yet therefore must keeping expecting from the Lord and not in situations or circumstances not what men say but what God is saying.

With 40 days left your trust must be in the Lord. Jesus said in Mark “Only Believe”. The apostles asked “increase our faith”.

What are you asking for? Are you asking for your faith to be increased! Are you asking for your belief to be in the Lord! Are you asking for your trust to be in and on the Lord! Are you asking for your obedience to be in what the Lord has spoken or written!

Remember as these last 40 days you have the ability to change your atmosphere, change your attitude, change your relationship with the Lord to be more intimate, change your altitude and change your mindset.

Let’s finish these last 40 days with strength, stability and steadfastness on the Lord.


Thus said the Lord…

11/7/2017 – 9:10 am

I am about to cause Nationwide revival within United States of America. Before this happens there are more devastation of circumstances about to happen. 

Embrace my child for as Satan has cause his wrath to happen unto people so I have caused my Spirit to be flowed out pour all flesh.

Nations are praying and coming into agreement that my will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

These nations are praying around the clock for my will, work, wisdom and word to no longer be postponed but accomplished what I want it to do. 

My movement and switch has happened in the heavens so therefore all will see my glory manifested in signs and wonders.

People’s faith and their trust in I the Lord has pleased me but the believing when they cannot traced me has gotten my attention and I have commanded to bless them and I cannot reverse it. 

People will be amazed how all things has worked together for their good and my glory will be shown upon all flesh.  

Since Satan has come in like a flood, my Spirit who is my presence will lift up a standard against him. This standard against Satan is done through praying, fasting, believing, humbling, trusting, obeying, being faithful to my way and will according to my Word.  

The kingdom of God is at hand and watch what happens when my Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist’s, Pastor’s and teachers break these religions barriers and operate in the full intent of my original plan and purpose. The saints will become perfect for the edifying of the body of Christ and for the work of the ministry.  

There is only one ministry and it is mine I put together to cause the movement that is shaking and pulling down strongholds personally, socially, physically, emotionally and materially.  

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Thus said the Lord ~ 9:35 am